Our Philosophy and Goals

We are committed to provide quality care and individualized service to meet each of our patients' personal needs. We offer a comprehensive listing of services which includes evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention.

The primary focus of Advance Therapy Works is the treatment of orthopedic dysfunction and/or sports-related injuries, and the development of a rehabilitation program. We work with the patient as a team to develop the therapy program which best fits the individual needs and nature of the injury. This team effort is the basis of Advance Therapy Works treatment philosophy.

Advance Therapy Works offers a supportive staff trained to maximize a patients' rehabilitation potential and stimulate recovery. With proper guidance and attention, we are confident that our patients will improve in a timely, well monitored fashion, and return to their occupation or recreational activity as soon as possible.

Treatment programs will include education of each patient in regard to their physical condition; the development of an individualized exercise program - tailored to the patient's disability, therapeutic procedures and "hands-on" treatment, utilizing "state of the art" equipment and techniques.

In addition to treatment and rehabilitation, Advance Therapy Works is equipped to provide preventive programs designed to minimize and/or prevent the possibility of re-injury.